Your Trusted Team of Freeze-Drying Specialists

Frozen Creek Floral and Frozen Creek Farms invite you to discover our unique farm nestled in the gentle hills of North East Kent County, just minutes away from Grand Rapids. The house is a 130-year-old Stucco farmhouse surrounded by giant maple, walnut, apple, and pine trees. We have opened the first floor of our home for your inspection of our own unique freeze-dried floral and herbal arrangements.

We have been Freeze-Drying flowers and keepsakes for 35 years; one of the first three businesses in the country to start and develop the Floral Freeze Dry Industry.

A wedding on the Horizon? Visit Ruth's "Brides Room," which displays the full array of freeze-dried florals that Frozen Creek offers to the bride and her entourage for that special and unique wedding.